For Installation Partners

Solar Ground & Roof InstallationsSolar Farm Bank (SFB) has consistently returned above market pricing for our clients. We are integrated into all major SREC and REC markets on a national level. We want you to be moving forward doing what you do best we will be your post installation ambassador.

CEO Stephen Hirsh's commitment goes beyond his own business. He is on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Solar Owners Association (MASOA), an organization that is committed to protect solar energy and owners’ rights to solar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust SFB with my client?

You have worked hard from start to finish for your client. You have done a professional installation which is the start to your referrals. The finish is closing the loop by letting Solar Farm Bank take care of your clients' SREC/REC program. Our mission is to providing the most professional SREC/REC processing for the client. This allows your customer to say with confidence in their recommendation of your services that you took care of them from start to finish.

How do I move forward for my client?

We build on your efforts to have a satisfied and happy customer. Solar Farm Bank continue that goal though the post installation process, building the clients experience by providing, orientation and education of the SREC/REC program, reaching out to the client with regular market updates and securing the highest return for their production.

More paperwork?

There is no additional paperwork with which you to hassle. Either provide the system spec sheet or client’s contact information and we will follow up, always keeping you up to date on their progress.

What commitment do I have to make to SFB?

No commitment. The only commitment is our pledge to you that we if you trust us with your client, we will do our level best to service them with the greatest professionalism. We are committed to moving solar installations forward here in New England.