About Us

Solar Ground InstallationSolar Farm Bank (SFB) is your renewable energy field representative. We manage solar installation projects while handling grant applications to guide our customers to a smooth installation. While we focus on customer service our primary goal is to manage the solar installation project and to act as a bridge between you and government agencies.

The selection of the SFB team contractors, for a specific project, are based on the qualities that best fit your situation. All have a proven track record both in the State of Massachusetts and on the national level. They represent all sectors of the renewable energy market; possess a great depth of experience; are detailed and meticulous; and are members of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

SFB specializes in serving the agricultural, residential and commercial sectors of the renewable energy market.

Going green makes sense and cents!

You should not have to pay a penalty for doing the right thing!

Stephen Hirsh, CEO

Stephen, has a MBA from Babson College, and has applied this to his passion for renewable energy. He is a founder and on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Solar Owners Association (MASOA) and has been a strong advocate for renewables and photovoltaic, in particular. He is also a member of MASS SOLAR, an advocacy group working at the State level on energy legislations.

Stephen started Solar Farm Bank in 2009 on the premise that doing the right thing by going green should not cost you green. Combining that with the idea that no matter what is the size of your system, large or small, you should get the best deal for your investment. SFB have experience in all aspects of the solar installation from planning to (S)REC sales.